The thing is; when you’re skinny, you lose your voice on a lot of things. I must admit there once was a time that skinny women had a privilege, one that wasn’t earned. But times have changed and skinny women have been destroyed in the process. The truth of the matter is, according to society today, if you don’t have curves, you’ve lost your status as a real woman. If there is nothing cushioning your bones, no man will want you, because haven’t you heard only dogs go for bones? When I was 13 I was given the nickname A-Rex. If you can’t figure out what that stands for, it was a way to call me anorexic without actually saying it. I laughed at first, though the joke wasn’t funny, but it continued on for years. I realized in that time that being skinny wasn’t everything it was believed to be. I was naturally underweight and it really hit me, being skinny could actually suck. I’ve watched a girl have fries thrown at her, I’ve been told to eat a burger. I’ve been told “you’re pretty…but you’d be prettier if you gained weight..” Of course, it’s okay to say these things to me because my stomach doesn’t spill over the waistband of my jeans, and you can see my collar bones. You tell me the media portrays my body in a positive light so the criticism of my body isn’t as bad. But why would I care about that model on the TV more than the opinions of my peers, family, and friends? Big is beautiful, but what about small? The girls who ribs protrude or thighs don’t touch? Where is the body positivity for them? Gone. We preach to love yourself, and your body but what we forget to add is that if you’re skinny, don’t talk about it. Overweight girls are given the privilege of loving their self openly. If they post pictures of their body they are praised, they are brave. But if a girls who wrist are as bony as her knees even thinks the thought, they are conceited, a slut and so many other things it makes my head spin. And fat girl, you shaming me for my body doesn’t make yours any better. Aren’t we all made up of the same bones and atoms so why is it that your 250 pounds is so much better than my 120? I was watching the Victoria Secrets Fashion show, admiring how beautiful the women and clothing were. I don’t know why I was shocked when I logged onto social media to see people destroying the models for their bodies. Disgusting and gross were the two words that were repeated again and again and I looked down at my size 2 waist and screamed. So now I avoid the mirror. Big is beautiful, not bones, remember that. And my thigh gap is found to be repulsive. How dare my thighs not kiss each other as I walk? No man wants a girl with a thigh gap, do you even eat anymore? So tell me when did the process of building up one but destroying another become okay? It’s a shaky platform. Say no to 0? What about say yes to all sizes? Just because my shoulders are bony and my collar bones stick out doesn’t give you the right to destroy me. I may be small, but opinion doesn’t have to be.
Skinny shaming; it hurts too (via brennanat)